Q - I want to sell cards. How do I do that.

A - Click on How It Works link.


Q - Okay, I read that. Now in simple terms.

A - You make cards at home (or through a separate printing service in accordance to their terms and conditions). Take a picture and upload it to your store. The card then becomes searchable on the website.  When a buyer purchases a card, you’ll receive an email notification of what card was sold, and what message to write. Take your card, write it out in your best penmenship, put it in an envelope, address it to the listed recipient, attach the correct amount of postage, and mail it (within 24 hours). The buyer may also choose to have a blank card sent, in which case you do not write any message on the inside, and send the card unsealed with the envelope.


Q - Who pays for shipping?

A - The buyer will select shipping method and pay the shipping fees in addition to your listed card price. Card Sellers do not need to factor that in. They will be paid for all shipping fees.


Q - What about taxes?

A - Taxes are sole responsibility of the Card Seller. Since Card Sellers are considered independent contrats, any and all sales taxes are between you and the government.


Q - My Paypal address is required. Does that mean you have access to my Paypal account?

A - Absolutely not. WrittenCards in no way compromises your privacy and has taken all measures to ensure security and confidentiality. You are not providing your password, just your Paypal email address. At checkout the buyer is directed to your Paypal address so they don't have to type it in.


Q - My card images are watermarked. Is that okay?

A - Absolutely. Protecting your work is encouraged. A suggestion may be to include a disclaimer in the Card Description that watermarks will not appear on the actual product.


Q - How is WrittenCards.com different from other websites? I already have 'shops' elsewhere.

A - WrittenCards provides a service for both buyers and sellers closing the gap between people who buy handmade cards and people who sell handmade cards. Customers no longer need to schlep to the post office to send their friends and family greeting cards. Artists don't need to waste time on sites that keep a large percentage of the profit and are oversaturated with products. This is a very specific website where artists have a real chance to earn some real money from all their hard work. 


Q - Where can I find WrittenCards on the web?

A - Our Links Are:

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